An English Edwardian Mahogany Cakestand

Very nice English Mahogany Lamp Stand.

A small English 19th Century Candlestick.

A nice selection of Treen - Tobacco Jars.

A small English Regency Apprentice Piece of a Breakfast Table. Painted and Inlaid.

Antique English Mahogany and Inlaid Letter Rack.

A Very elegant English Mahogany 19th Century Wine Tasting Table

a very nice 19th Century Apprentice Piece. A Small Mahogany Serpentine Chest of Drawers on Bracket Feet having tree long drawers, two shorter drawers and tree small drawers. Both sides have a typical inlay for the period.

An Antique English Bookstand. Two Hand Carved Owls on Books.

English Elm and Burr Elm Book Stands

A small Antique English Mahogany Round Tray having a special Hazelnut Marquetry

One very rare rectangular English 19th Century Mahogany Tray with Inlay.

Two Very Nice Antique English Mahogany Wine Tasting Table with Inlay.

Nice Collection of English 19th Century Treen.

An English Mid 19th Century Mahogany Double Music Stand adjustable in hight.

An English Late 19th Century Rosewood Judge Gavel with Striking Block.

An English Oak Tripot Table ca. 1730 having a Candlestick Baluster.

A Pair of Floor Standing Victorian Brass Candelabras. Ca. 1860 Sheffield.

A Pair of Floor Standing Victorian Brass Candelabras. Ca. 1860 Sheffield.

A Very nice 17th Century William and Mary Figured Walnut Cushion Mirror.

An English Early 20th Century Chesterfield Sofa.

A 19th Century English Burr Walnut Sutherland Table

An Oval Hand painted Swedish Box having beautiful Patina ca 1843.

Beautifully carved and painted English Decoy Shore Bird ca. 1900

A Very Rare English Tudor 16th Century ca. 1530 Small Candlestick.

An English 19th Century Table Top Games Compendium in Solid Oak Cabinet. Fully fitted for many games.Manufactured on 29/11/1869 and retailed by H.W. Bedford, 67 Regent Street, London

Two Antique Magnifying Glasses on an Iron tripod Stand. Science Instrument. Cabinet of Curiosities Object

A 19th Century Olivewood Sorrento Ware Book Slide. Grand Tour Piece.

Stunning English 19th Century Walnut Tunbridge Ware Ink Stand

Special 19th Century Swedish Oval Box having a Floral Decoration.

Tree Painted , Black, Red and Blue, Swedish Containers having a Stunning Patina. Second half 19th Century

An Rare Pair of Kashmiri Hand Painted Lamp Stands.

An English 19th Century Music Stand with Marquetry Inlay in the form of a Lyre. The Music Stand is both adjustable in hight as in the music stand.

A Georgian Rushlight Nip and Candleholder.

A Pair of Antique English Walnut Wine Tasting Tables




A 19th Century English Mahogany Adjustable Music Stand.

Very nice Small Edwardian Mahogany Tray with Inlay

A very nice Oak Georgean Tilt Top table ca 1760

An 19th Century English Adjustable Music Stand.

An English 19th Century Apprentice Piece or a Regency Mahogany Chest of Drawers having Ivory Escutcheons

Very elegant English small mahogany side table.

Three English Mahogany Wine Tasting Tables.

An English Mahogany Monoplane Cake Stand signed.

A 19th Century Swedish Red / Green painted Birch Bowl

An English 20 th Century Small Terresterial Globe having a ebonised stand

An English 19 th Century Apprentice Piece in Burr and Figured Walnut of an 18th Century Burieau

A very nice 19th Century Olive Wood adjustable Book Holder.

19th Century Swedish Dug out Painted Birch Bowls having an amazing patina.

A very Nice Antique Chinoiserie Lamp.


A Very Nice 19th Century Revolving Reading Stand.

A Very nice English 19 th. Century Apprentice piece of an English Country Chair having an ebony inlay.

A 19th Century Dug out Birch Bowl, having a very nice patina and a short flat handle with a very nice handmade spoon.

A 19th century Kashmiri Lacquered Papier-Mâché lamp

Aval, deep dug-cut bowl made of beautiful figured burr birch wood. the exterior patinated with a creamy colour. Swedish 19th Century

An 19th Century Swedish Green Painted Birch Bowl

A early 20th Century English Fruitwood Treen pear Drawing Model and a 19th Century Lignum Vitae Treen Pear Drawing Model

An Early 19th Century English Mahogany Framed Mirror

A Set of 19th Century Tobacco Pots.

A set of very nice 19th Century Bowls in Sycamore

Very nice pair of oak 19th century oak stool

A Pair of Antique English Mahogany Lamps.

A Georgian Mahogany Tripod table.

An Early 18th Century oak tray with a deep patina.

A very refined 19th. Century Mahogany Dumb Waiter ' Lazy Suzy ' having a rotating tray on a twisted base both in solid mahogany.

early 19th C tabacco pots

Stunning early 19thC rosewood (writing)box.

Lovely mahogany mini-tables on top of a mahogany lazy suzy

Lovely 19thC inkstand

Very nice pair (!) of late 19thC mahogany tripod tables














19thC bells !








Superb 18thC mahogany tip top table


Lovely mini-tables with inlay on lazy suzy in mahogny


English 19thC burr walnut mini- chest of drawers

Bell telephone





English 19thC mahogany mini-chest of drawers .

English 19thC burr walnut mini- chest of drawers

English 19thC mahogany winetasting table

Lovely burr walnut mini chest of drawers

Lovely model


19th C English walnut inkstand

English 19thC walnut inkstand + stationary

Extraordinary 19thC mahogany inlaid tray

19thC mini-bookcase in olivewood and with lovely inlay

Very special model of sailship in wooden box with glass front = Diomara

English 19thC small mahogany collector's cabinet.

19thC mahogany lampbase

Edwardian mahogany sidetable with inlay

English 19th C walking sticks

Beautiful leather laptop briefcase

Early 20thC Englsih lamp